Bell Banjos have that old time Minstrel Banjo sound, look and feel. Like the banjos from Pre Civil War times, the goatskin head projects a loud and mellow sound. These are truly handmade instruments. Even the brass and steel hardware is cut and formed here in our shop. Old Time tunes spring to life on the "Nylgut" strings. Or order Gut strings for the real deal. These banjos make any folk song, dance tune, or Minstrel melody really shine. We make replicas of the famous 1840's Bouchers and Stichters, and at a good price! Often we're asked to make a custom banjo or specific length neck - no problem. We also sell easy to assemble necks on Ebay so you can try your hand at making a down home banjo. Bare rims are available too. In the fall of 2011, we began offering Banjo Kits with pre fit skins so if you have even minimal woodworking skills you can have a Minstrel Banjo and save a couple hundred bucks. In the old days, Minstrel banjoists always had a tambourine player. We make big Minstrel Tambourines with hand hammered brass jingles for the authentic look and sound. Look around our site and look for us on Ebay and the Banjo Hangout. Small shop, fast shipping, great banjos. Don't miss the 'Comments' page where you'll find a gallery of banjos and banjo players.

All these Banjos, Banjo Kits, and Tambourines are available the way YOU want them. Give us your favorite measurements or we'll suggest some. PLUS, all items may be purchased with half down, half later. We make great banjos and we want you to have one. or call anytime 989-553-2021

Bell Banjos now reside in the Baltimore Civil War Museum

Bell Boucher Banjo at the Charlevoix Michigan Circle Of Arts

Gourd Banjo

Boucher w/ brass

Bucket Banjo

Boucher Minstrel Banjo

Bucket with fret marks

Tackhead and Sweeney

Boucher faux grain maple

Boucher red w/brass

Boucher burgundy w/brass

Stichter big 29" scale

Cherry Boucher

Stichter 28" scale

Med. Brown brass Boucher

'Double Drone' replica

Classic 27" scale Boucher

Boucher faux grain Toffee

Sweeney, Oak & Cherry

Tackhead w/ brass star

Stichter 27.5" scale

Brown & Brass Boucher

Brown Curly Maple 27.5"

Black Rimmed 27" Boucher

Red Curly Maple 25.5"

Faux Grain, 'Vase' Tailpiece

Faux Grain, One Ogee

Natural Oil & Shellac

Stichter 28" scale

Classic Boucher Curly Maple

Bucket Banjo w/ brass star


BOUCHER MINSTREL BANJO (minstrel banjo with metal hardware)

BOUCHER MINSTREL BANJO (with faux grain finish)

Exactly like Boucher's original banjos, distressed to look like an antique.

STICHTER MINSTREL BANJO (minstrel banjo with metal hardware)

SWEENEY BANJO (minstrel banjo with metal hardware)

Joel Sweeney claimed to have invented the banjo. History says he added the 4th string. This banjo is simple and elegant and a joy to play.

BRAWLEY CIVIL WAR BANJO (minstrel banjo with metal hardware)

The Brawley Civil War Banjo is patterned after a banjo made by Frank Brawley, Co. G, 6th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry in 1862. The 6th Minnesota fought in the Minnesota Sioux uprising, 1862-1864, and later saw duty along the Mississippi River from St. Louis to New Orleans. Brawley's banjo is currently in the Minnesota Historical Society Museum in St. Paul.




- choose your own color and scale length -

12" Minstrel Tambourine . . . $100
14" King Size Minstrel Tambourine . . . $120
15" Jumbo Tambo Minstrel Tambourine . . . $150
Tackhead Minstrel Banjo Kit . . . $300
Metal Hardware Minstrel Banjo Kit . . . $500
Finished Gourd Banjo . . . $550
Finished Bucket Banjo . . . $600
Finished Minstrel Tackhead Banjo . . . $600
Finished Brawley Civil War Banjo steel & brass hardware . . . $650
Finished Sweeney Minstrel Banjo with brass hardware . . . $650
Finished Stichter Minstrel Banjo with brass hardware . . . $700
Finished Boucher Minstrel Banjo with brass hardware . . . $700
Boucher Style Banjo with Faux Grain Finish . . . $800

Curly maple neck on any model . . . add $60
Call or email to inquire about discounts and free shipping!!
See the 'Comments' page.

Shipping is $35, Shipping anywhere besides the lower 48 states is $70. (Tambourines ship for less)

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Banjos and Kits are non-refundable except in instances of damage in transit, which the carrier will be responsible for.