Here are some videos for you to enjoy of some players
and their Bell Banjos in action.

Tim Twiss of Michigan is the maestro of the minstrel banjo. He has
spent countless hours researching the minstrel music of the 1800's.
Tim has a great website offering printed and recorded music at great prices, or free.

Dave Culgan of the Camptown Shakers finished his
Bell Banjo Kit in a nice gold color using traditional
finishing techniques. The tambourine is a Bell tambourine.

Blind Boy Paxton is taking his music around the world, performing at
countless venues and festivals, and TV too. I'm sure you'll hear more about
him. He plays a Bell Stichter minstrel banjo in a variety of styles.

Mark Kinan recently discovered Bell Banjos, he says,
"I can see you don't cut corners, and I like that. From the moment I picked it up
I didn't want to let it go. It was very comfortable and natural to hold. And I can't
say enough great things about the sound !"

Bob Minner is a wonderful guitarist and a heck of a banjo player too.
He may look familiar. He told me his day job is playing with Tim McGraw.
Bob did a real nice job on his kit. I could listen to him all day.

Dr. Joshua Turknett does a fine job on a Bell Stichter.
He writes the column, "Your Brain On Banjo," for the Banjo Newsletter.


The Loco-focos in Arkansas. Curtis Payne with his Bell Boucher.

Matthew Mickletz

Terry Michael

Marek Bennett & Woody Pringle
They have a great CD available here.

Duane Whitlock
"I've had your banjo in the field for a year now and she gets complements wherever we go.
Other banjo players can't believe how LOUD she is and the great sound that comes out of her.
I recommend your products every chance I get".

Mark Bridge, performer with Folk Alliance International

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