Easy to finish

Purchasing a Bell & Son Banjo Kit saves
you $300 off the price of the minstrel
banjos you've seen on our site. Assembly
is kept to a minimum. All pegs and parts
are handmade to fit each banjo. Installation
of the skin is easy when you follow the
steps on the included illustrated instructions.
It's as easy as 1-2-3 to finish your banjo kit.
1) Sand the neck and rim smooth.
2) Stain and finish them, your choice of color.
3) Install the skin and strings.
The high quality ebony tuning pegs, all
metal parts, the neck to rim joint, and the
dowel holes in the rim that accept the neck
all fit perfectly. Each kit is actually
a banjo we've made then taken apart so you
can finish it with your choice of traditional
or modern finishes. Staining skill required.
The 'Boucher' on the left comes with
brass hardware, the 'Stichter' on the
right comes with steel hardware.

Only $500 !
Boucher or Stichter style, ready to assemble and finish. All you need is
sandpaper, a rag, a brush, stain, finish, and a small screwdriver.

NEW!! Pre-fit skins come with the Boucher & Stichter Kit!
No more soaking, pulling, and cutting.




Tackhead Kit Only $300 !
A simple design featuring a prefinished amber colored rim,
ready to assemble and finish. Same wood parts as
above but you glue and tack the skin on instead of using
metal hoops to secure the skin. Tack holes are pre-drilled to
make it easy for you to line the tacks up. All you need is sandpaper,
a rag, a brush, your choice of stain and finish, a knife and a hammer.
Very detailed instructions are included. Very easy to assemble.
The Tackhead banjo kit sounds the same as the $500 kit.

Watch This Clip - Kit Assembly

Bob Minner playing his Bell 'Boucher' Kit

Bell Boucher Kit built by Eric Andreucci of Virginia

Bell Boucher Kit built by Dan Gibson of Dallas, Texas

Bell Boucher Kit built by David Holiday of Auburn, Washington

Bell Boucher Kit built by Dave Culgan of Pennsylvania

The rims of these banjos are Oak or Ash just like William Boucher used.
The necks are plain maple. If you'd like Tiger Stripe Maple for your neck, add $60.
These kits come with Minstrel Nylgut Strings (synthetic).
Shipping is $35 in U.S., $65 Hawaii, Alaska, and worldwide.

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